Lizzie was first introduced to the beauty industry when she started her work with Organic Tan. It was there that she discovered her passion for quick-fix beauty; the little things that make a huge difference. She then took a keen interest in the brow phenomena that was taking the US by a storm.

“The brows frame the face. Good brows can give someone a whole new look.” says Lizzie.

Recognizing the beauty and value of natural-looking brows, The Brow Babe set out on her own entrepreneurial adventure to spread the brow love in her hometown of Saskatoon.

“I have heard so many horror stories of waxing gone wrong, and other brow massacres. My process is different. It is customized to each and every client’s brow and preference. I listen, and I am careful.”

Raised locally but trained in sunny Los Angeles, Lizzie’s authentic, down-to-earth charisma makes her clients 100% comfortable.

“It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s only $30, and you get a new face.”

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