S E R V I C E S


There are 2 types of brows in this world, great brows - and brows circa 1985. 

We don't believe in one-brow-fits-all. The goal is to enhance and work with YOUR natural brow shape.  No stencils and no shaping tools, your brows are meticulously shaped by hand. Your current brow situation is assessed, personal style/preferences discussed, and the rest ... is magic!

At the end of the day, you love your brows, or we are well on our way to a place where you will.

Here's an idea of what each service entails...


Treat yourself and your brows to some "brow love", in our cozy studio, located in the heart of YXE. We work with what you have to get your brows where you want them to be. After going over options you have for your specific brows we use a combination of trimming, waxing & tweezing to carefully turn your current brows into the best shape they can be.

Prefer a natural look? We will finish off your appointment by dusting a mineral powder over your skin to eliminate the majority of any redness from the waxing. Interested in filling in your brows for a more polished look? Let us know, and we will take the time to go over the best products you can use for your brows when filling in, along with a mini "how-to" tutorial, before sending you on your way. 

Can't wax? No problem babes, we've got you covered and will tweeze your brows into their optimal shape. (Clients using Accutane will have more sensitive skin and run the risk of the ski lifting. Wax is not recommended. Any clients using Retinol in their skin care should wait 72 hours before waxing.)

Pricing for each service varies by artist. Click below to see our price list. 


A little extra love goes a long way. Add a tint, (brow dye) to your shaping for some extra TLC for your fur babies. Tinting colours the brow hairs for 3-4 weeks. Perfect for any babe who colours her hair and needs her brows to be on the same page. Need a bolder everyday brow but looking to skip the long tedious task of filling them in on the daily? Tinting may be the perfect fit for you. 



Guys need "Brow Love" too! It's very unfair, but we are all aware that most guys natural lashes & brows are the envy of us ladies on a daily basis. Book yourself in for some man-scaping and keep the ladies in a constant state of jealousy with your perfectly groomed, natural looking brows.    


Start them while they're young. The best thing we can to for the babes of today is to not let them make the same mistakes our mother's let us make. Take away the tweezers and book your babies in. Our waxing techniques are gentle on young skin and your babe will leave with full, natural & clean looking brows. If it's time to experiment with a more polished brow look, we can go over what products to use & how to keep brows looking natural during this process. 

A D D -  O N S

No need to book in, just leave a note for us when you book for your brows, OR let us know when you come for your appointment that you'd like to add on the following:

Strip Lashes & Application

We carry some of the BEST strip lashes a girl could want. Treat yourself to these luxury strip lashes for your next night out, or just because.

With 5 styles to pick from, we can help you not only choose the lash that best suites your eye, but we will trim & apply them for you at your next brow appointment. 

Lashes: $30

Application: $15


Lip Wax

A quick add-on to any brow service. We will get your moustache taken care of in a hot minute and dust some mineral powder over your freshly waxed skin so you can continue on your day with minimal redness.



All prices for brow services are subject to change & vary by artist, BOOK NOW to see services & pricing by artist.

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